Meet Your Spirit Guide Class

Meet your Spirit Guide – a special spirit who is like your personal assistant on the other side. Discover the easiest way to connect with your guide, your guide’s role in your life, and how to get help when you need it. This class will introduce you to your guide and help you begin the process of developing a working relationship with him or her.

December 4-18, 2017.

We’ll meet for three live classes. Each one will help you go deeper into your relationships with your guides. (Each class will be recorded and a replay sent to all participants so you do NOT need to attend live to participate.)

Class 1: Meet Your Spirit Guide. Discover your guide’s role in your life, the easiest way to connect with your guide,  and how to get help when you need it.

Class 2: Learn to Connect with Your Guide. Learn the communication skills and create the routines that will support your relationship with your guide now and into the future.

Class 3: Go Deeper with Your Guide. Learn new tools, rituals and techniques to connect more deeply with your guide and go deeper in your relationship.

Come join me for this fantastic class!

Spirit Guides harness the forces of nature on our behalf. They work with the spiritual elements to help us grow and become better people. They help us learn our lessons, share our gifts, and make the important connections we need to make our lives better.

Class Details:

Dates: Mondays Dec 4, 11 and 18

Times: 10 am – 12 pm Pacific time Live teleclass

Cost: $129 regular/$99 Early Bird – before Nov 17

*Each class will be recorded and a replay sent to all participants so you do NOT need to attend live to participate.

Some of the Benefits of Knowing and Working with Your Guides

  • A paradigm shift in the way you look at yourself and your life, knowing that you have direct access to personalized spiritual guidance in any area of your life
  • Increased confidence in yourself and your ability to handle any life challenges you are faced with
  • Deeper spiritual connection to your purpose and the opportunity to express yourself more fully in your life
  • Experience more grace, ease and flow in your life with help from your spiritual allies
  • Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you take inspired, guided actions with positive results for yourself, your family, your business
  • And so much more!




“Lately I’ve felt confused, a bit lost, and wanting a stronger connection to my spiritual well-being. Our session was so simple yet powerful. I couldn’t believe how effortless it was to connect with my Spirit Guide, even though Spirit Guides are so new to me.  Now I feel more connected and grounded and have more faith in the unseen forces. And I’m connecting with my Spirit Guide every morning. Cara, you are an angel doing God’s work.”

– Dave F., Los Angeles, California



Lori Smith

“I took this class to connect visually with my spirit guides and understand their roles more clearly. I was fearful nothing would happen, but I connected in a very surprising way that I was not expecting. I loved the small, intimate class size and that you are very down to earth, not weird or scary. I also loved meeting some like-minded ladies. Doing the drawing, which I did not expect, was such an excellent medium for me to get details that I may not have seen in the meditation…(he was very clear about some details I was drawing). I highly recommend this class! Cause it was just plain ole’ down to earth fun. People should know that this class is super casual, not creepy or weird. And Cara, you are great at helping with confirmation….”

-Lori Smith, Hair Stylist, Chico, California


“I took this class to confirm that Sandy is my primary guide at this time. (We had our little morning talk already and she’s nagged me about what I absolutely must do today!) Now I know Sandy’s plans for guiding me in the future not only on my spiritual quest but everyday life and that she’ll introduce me to my other guides when it’s appropriate. I love knowing her preferred way(s) to communicate w/me, to learn that I can send my guides to others if I so choose, and to be very specific about which guides I invite. I also enjoyed sharing the experiences of others. Cara, you’re great to work with and my time is well spent – I always learn a lot! You’re very easy to work with, always answer questions whether during class or after class, and no matter what class I take with you I benefit greatly for my time.”

-Carolyn Perry, Redding, California


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