Here’s what you’ll learn in the Talk with the Animals 1 Class:

  • How to Master the 5 critical Energy Tools that automatically turn your intuition ON
  • The single most effective way for you to receive intuitive information from animals (you’re probably doing it already!)
  • How to turn your intuition on (and off) at will
  • Why your intuition is like a radio receiver — and how to use all your channels effectively
  • The essential daily habit that automatically boosts your intuition (start right now!)

The Talk with the Animals Level 1 Class is a foundational course that not only teaches you proven, reliable intuitive skills, but shows you how to use them your way. So your intuition is a natural extension of your physical senses that deepens your connections with animals, nature, and your own spirit.

If you’re looking for a class to set you up for success talking to animals . . . you’ve found it.


What is the Talk to the Animals Level 1 Class?

The Talk to the Animals Level 1 Class is a 6-week part-live, part-self-study training program that shows you step-by-step how to start to communicate intuitively with animals.

What makes the Talk to the Animals Level 1 Class so effective?


Rather than just giving you a cookie-cutter recipe, this course will help you explore and strengthen your unique gifts, talents and abilities so that your intuition becomes a natural extension of your physical senses and a doorway to deeper, more meaningful  connections in all areas of your life — but especially with the animals you love.

Some of the Benefits of Talking with YOUR Animals

  • A paradigm shift in the way you look at yourself and your animals
  • Peace and confidence, knowing that you have direct access to your pet and his or her needs and desires
  • Increased confidence in yourself and your ability to handle any challenges you face with your pet
  • Deeper spiritual connection to your purpose and your pet
  • Experience more grace, ease and flow in your life when you’re able to better understand your pet and resolve her challenging behaviors and issues – with her help!
  • Feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you receive intuitive messages from your pet and take the actions that your pet wants you to take with positive results for yourself and your pet
  • And so much more!

How the Talk to the Animals Level 1 Class works.

6 Weeks Step-by-Step with both Structure and Freedom

  • Structure: new content is presented each week at an easy-to-digest pace
  • Structure: each lesson builds on earlier lessons easily and naturally
  • Freedom: you learn when you want to – all content is available to you 24/7
  • Freedom: you get guidance to explore your unique abilities at your own pace
  • Freedom: you determine your own practice schedule

Multimedia Learning

  • Live weekly content calls (recorded for later review or missed calls)
  • Weekly video lessons for self-study and practice
  • Audio recordings to walk you through the steps at your own pace
  • Written summaries and FAQs for all the lessons

Accountability without Pressure

  • You’ll get a customized tracking sheet to record your effort and progress – because what you pay attention to improves – but there are no grades, no homework to turn in, no pass or fail, just you with the tools you need to do your best and succeed

Revisit and Review

  • The materials are yours to keep for life



“I’m absolutely loving Talk With the Animals. You have organized the program so brilliantly and made it fun to boot!”

– Cindy-Wynne Kolding, Artist, Canada


REGISTER NOW for only $149


When does the class start?

The first live class is Monday September 11, 2017.

What if I miss a class?

No problem! Everything is recorded for you to listen to later or again and again. You also get recordings of me walking you through each energy tool so I am with you the whole way.

Does the class meet every week?

Yes, we’ll meet each week for about 90 minutes on Mondays.

What is the cost?

Your investment is $129 for the whole Talk with the Animals package.

Early Bird price is only $99 – save $30! – when you register by September 5th.

Are there any Sign Up Bonuses?

YES! When you register for the class, you will also receive:

  • You Are Intuitive eBook and audio (value $80)
  • 1:1 Connection Session (20 minutes) (value $150)
  • Discount for 1:1 Coaching (value up to $500)
  • Animal Wisdom Circle membership (1 month) (value $20)

The total value of the Sign Up Bonuses is over $750.

REGISTER NOW for only $99

“It’s like magic! I’ve been applying what I learned with my new dog Murphy. I’ve never had such great results!”

-Monica Chan, California