Become a Professional Animal Communicator.

Are you…

  • Dreaming of creating a business talking to and helping animals?
  • Frustrated that your intuition feels like it is hit or miss or unreliable?
  • Stumbling as you translate intuitive messages from animals to people?
  • Questioning the accuracy of the messages you receive from animals?
  • Worried about going public with your abilities or your business?
  • Waiting for your dream to come true – and feeling like you’re running out of time?
  • Tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?
  • Wishing there was a road map to help you create a successful business as an Animal Communicator?


  • Talking to animals and having them talk back to you – easily and naturally
  • Feeling confident in your intuitive abilities
  • Seeing your path and knowing your next steps – personally and professionally
  • Feeling comfortable conveying intuitive information to clients, knowing you have the right words to accurately share the animals’ messages so they are really heard by their people
  • Creating a successful business that you love working with animals and people that you love.
  • Being part of a supportive community of Animal Communicators changing the world – together
  • Helping animals, people, and the planet – every day.

Cara reading dog


Doesn’t seem possible?

I’m here to tell you it is possible. And I’ll help you do it.

Cara and Poppy Portrait

Before I found the key to being a professional Animal Communicator, I used to wonder if my intuition would work, worry that my readings weren’t accurate, and think that I would never be

able to admit to the world that I could talk to animals (and ask for money to do it!).

I don’t do that anymore. And I can show you how to stop doing it, too, so you can say ‘yes’ to yourself and your dream – and the animals. I can help you translate your natural gifts and the desires of your soul into a roadmap guiding you to your success that your practical self will not only understand – but will ultimately help you create, all while helping animals and without compromising your soul or your peace of mind.

How do I know you can do it?

Because I created a successful Animal CSlinky and Caraommunicator business for myself and I’ve helped my clients around the world create their own businesses, too.  If you are feeling the call to become a professional Animal Communicator then you are supposed to be doing this!

As an Animal Communicator, you will connect deeply with animals and people to both improve their lives and change the relationships people have with animals, nature and each other. It is a powerful calling that can positively impact the lives of people and animals. Being a professional Animal Communicator and bridging the communication gap between humans and animals is truly inspiring, fulfilling, and life-changing!

The Animal Communicator Coaching Program is a yearlong, intensive training program designed to develop a global network of confident Animal Communicators. New students easily discover their innate intuitive skills and hone their natural ability to connect intuitively, energetically, and spiritually with animals, nature, and all forms of life.

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The Animal Communicator/Healer Coaching Program

A yearlong program designed to help animal lovers easily hone their natural ability to connect intuitively, energetically, and spiritually with animals and develop the psychic, mindset and business skills they need to establish their successful Animal Communication and/or Healing businesses.

Private Coaching

  • Regular 1:1 coaching sessions each month for personalized attention to clear blocks, move forward and refine skills and knowledge
  • THREE 15-minute 1:1 laser coaching calls to be used anytime during the program for extra help and support

Additional Content

  • Three Self-Study classes to ensure accurate readings, total confidence in your abilities, and psychic self-care to keep you healthy and balanced no matter how busy you get [$999 value]
    • Foundations of Intuitive Communication with Animals
    • Professional Readings that WOW Clients
    • Advanced Intuitive Skills for Animal Communicators and Healers
  • Spiritual Business Blueprint – your unique, customized guide to personal and professional success that includes guided exploration to identify your strengths and goals, psychic training,  mindset and consciousness tools, business training and more [$999 value]
  • Annual Virtual Visioning Day (January) – create your vision for your year, get insight into yourself and your business, and call in spiritual helpers to support your growth [$299 value]
  • One Ticket to Becoming Dr. Doolittle Annual RETREAT (Fall) – live, in-person event at a natural animal preserve offering unparalleled opportunities for connecting with animals, growing your support network and your business, and having fun! [$1200 value]

Group Transformation and Support

  • One Group Training call per month (psychic, mindset and business topics)
  • One Group Coaching call per month (clearing blocks, aligning with vision)
  • Connect with Mastermind Partners and Create Support Circles

Ready to start making a living talking to animals?

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