A Daily Routine to Boost Your Intuition

Daily Routine 1, Limiting Beliefs 0

When I was learning how to talk to animals I had a few things going for me and a few things working against me.

What was working against me were my limiting beliefs that I couldn’t do it or that people wouldn’t believe me or that people would think I was weird. (Learn how to clear your limiting beliefs here.)

What was working in my favor was my daily energy routine, designed to automatically increase my intuitive abilities. Slowly, day by day, my skills increased due to this simple routine.

So when I was ready to drop the inner limitations, my intuition was totally on board and ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

What did I do?

I explain my intuition-boosting routine in today’s video.

PS This has been my daily routine for about eight years now. I learned these tools in my psychic training and I still use them pretty much every day. They are that good!

Now It’s Your Turn

What are already doing each day to automatically boost your intuition? What are your intuition-boosting daily habits? I’d love to hear all about ’em! Please leave a note in the comments below and share!


  • To boost my intuition, I write spontaneous bursts of poetry. It picks my energy up and clears my head. Sometimes it comes at 3 am and I just flow with it. I stay clear headed and aware till it happens again. So grateful for it all. Yogi Bhajan has said something to the effect of : if we hold off from criticizing our intuition will grow:)

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