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book2The Dolphins of Hilton Head introduces readers to the unique population of bottlenose dolphins that inhabits the warm water and brackish salt marshes of South Carolina’s inland coastal waterways.

Drawing on years of research and the latest discoveries of scientists throughout the world, Dr. Cara Gubbins describes this unique habitat and how the environment affects the Hilton Head dolphins and their behavior.

What’s it like to be a Hilton Head Dolphin?

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“What fun! ‘Dolphinese’ reduced to English for us lay folks.” Jane Nangle, Savannah, Georgia

“The Dolphins Of Hilton Head: Their Natural History by ecologist and conservation biologist Cara M. Gubbins is an informed and informative introduction to the fascinating life and world of dolphins, studying their feeding, socializing, communication, and much, much more. Black-and-white photographs enhance the adventurous and detailed, “reader friendly” text, making The Dolphins Of Hilton Head a truly exciting account which is most especially recommended for marine wildlife students in general, and dolphin enthusiasts in particular.” Midwest Book Review

 “I’m making this required reading for my captains.” Tom Doyle, Commander Zodiac, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“A great resource for field biologists and dolphin lovers alike.” Megan Mattson, National Marine Fisheries Service