Become One with the Elephants of BLES

Live Your DREAM as You Support Rescued Elephants

Experience the MAGIC of Giving and Receiving BLESSINGS through Deep, Spiritual Connections with Wild Elephants

The Elephant Blessing Retreat is a full BEing adventure for body, mind, heart and soul. Part Spiritual Journey. Part Soul-Centered Service Project. ALL Bucket List Dream Come True.


You are a spiritual animal lover who wants to travel and help rescued elephants in Thailand, to give back to the planet in general and to animals in particular. The Elephant Blessing Retreat will give you an opportunity to help animals, grow spiritually, become more of the truth of who you are, connect with animals, have a peak experience, get clear on your soul’s purpose, and expand your sense of self and what is possible for you.



My role is to be your trusted advisor, guide, mentor, coach and leader. My intention is to help you expand, deepen and anchor your experiences with the elephants so that they are a springboard for you to express more of your truth and embody your soul’s mission on the planet at this time.

The Retreat

This is a small, intimate, spiritually advanced, high consciousness group joining together for a once in a lifetime adventure (6 people, each personally chosen and invited by me). On the 2019 retreat, we’ll all meet Saturday evening 1/12/19 for orientation in Chiang Mai. Sunday morning we’ll travel to Suhkothai, where the folks at Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary (BLES) will pick us up and bring us to the Sanctuary. The main action happens Monday- Saturday at BLES (Jan 14 – 19, 2017). We will integrate with the herd and act as volunteers supporting the care of the 17 rescued elephants at the Sanctuary.

Dreams and Intentions

Of course, we will set intentions and dream into our trip and check in regularly but we will also simple BE there with the elephants in an incredibly intimate, positive, uplifting setting. My goal is to support each participant to achieve his/her intentions as I help all of us to expand, deepen and anchor in the experiences of living in the middle of a herd of free elephants. I have a buffet of group, solo and partner activities available to support the magic (and a few surprises) as well as a great respect for being present in the moment and going with the flow. And intuitive conversations with elephants are definitely on the menu!



 Inner Growth

Two group coaching sessions are included in the price of the Retreat. A Pre-Trip Intention Session will align you with your soul, your growth and your personal and spiritual goals for this trip. A Post-Trip Integration Session will take your learnings and insights during the trip and anchor them in the reality of your daily life. Guided meditations, daily lessons and practice in intuitive skills and other activities will expand your repertoire of spiritual tools for living and for connecting with animals, people, nature and Spirit.

Walk Away With…

My goal is that everyone leave the retreat feeling aligned with their soul and their values as a human being, empowered and energized to move forward in their lives on all levels, and enlightened in the sense of being freed from limiting beliefs and restricting illusions as well as simply feeling the openness and freedom of being one with the world and all its inhabitants. Saturday morning, feeling peaceful, relaxed, enlightened and probably a little sad, we will say goodbye to BLES and head back to Chiang Mai. From there, we will all head our separate ways to continue to travel or head home.



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