I’ve partnered with Angel Intuitive Kim Julen to share our favorite Intuitive tips and tools. These video series will give you practical and fun information about using your innate intuitive abilities in a bunch of different ways – from connecting with your Spirit Guide to Manifesting your DREAMS!

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Intuitive Tuesdays Intro Series

Video 1: Discovering Our Gifts

Video 2: Who Are Our Helpers?

Video 3: Everyday Intuition

Video 4: Professional Intuition


Meet Your Guides Series

Video 1 – Prepare to Meet Your Guides

Video 2 – How to Meet Your Guides

Video 3 – How to Work with Guides

Video 4 – How to Receive Guidance  


Energy Tools Series


Video 1 – Tools for Self-Care

Video 2 – Tools for Your Environment

Video 3 – Tools for Better Relationships

Video 4 – Tools for Manifesting


Universal Guidance Series

Coming October 17, 2017!

Video 1 – Guidance from SIGNS

Video 2 – Guidance from SYMBOLS

Video 3 – Guidance from SYNCHRONICITIES