Come Home to Your True Nature


These powerful, magical, sacred retreats create a space within and around you to come home to the truth of who you are, connect in new ways with the vastness of your soul, and experience the divinity of all beings.

Are you ready for a Spiritual Adventure in Nature?

reiki-bedsSwim with wild dolphins in crystal clear waters around the islands of the Bahamas. Care for rescued wild elephants at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Invoke the healing powers of sacred sound, Reiki, nature and community in the spiritual vortex energy of Mt. Shasta.

Connect to the healing energies of nature, animals, and most of all of your own soul and inner healer.


These intimate retreats offer you opportunities to experience new ways of being and bring forward new inspiration, spiritual development, rejuvenation and deeper connection with yourself.

Get in touch with the magic all around you!

Together, we’ll tap into the magic of the natural world, the wisdom of the animals, and the guidance of your heart as we use these retreats as tools to help you create a life that is sacred, playful, authentic, open, wild, free, magical, and enlightening.

dolphin-spirit sacred-sound elephant-blessings