The Language of the Universe

Universal Guidance

One of the fundamental principles that I now operate under in my life is that the Universe has my back. I used to think I was on my own and had to do everything for myself but now I realize how the Big U has always been there for me. And once I learned how the universe speaks to us, what language it uses, it became even easier to see the many ways the Universe was talking to me and looking out for me.


Unlike Monty Python skits, God doesn’t speak to us in English in a booming voice from his perch on a cloud! Universal guidance is more symbolic and less direct. The Universe speaks to us in Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities. Learning to recognize these communications and act on them can make our lives richer – and easier!

You Gotta Look!

In this video, Angel Intuitive Kim Julen and I talk about how to recognize the communication the Universe is sending to you. In this video, we talk about receiving Universal Guidance from Symbols. Be sure to watch to the end for our conversation about Love and tragedies and how we can be in right relationship with the Universe and everyone in our lives.

What’s Next

Universal Guidance Part One is now playing on YouTube. Next week, we will release the third video in this series on Synchronicities. Be sure to check out both videos on my YouTube channel!

Now It’s Your Turn

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities! What is your favorite example of each? Leave a note in the comments below and share it with us!

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