What Are Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides, angels, animals, and other allies are available to all of us to help us with the big and small challenges in our lives.

This week, angel Intuitive Kim Julen and I show you how we met our guides and how they help us in our personal and professional lives.

We also share our tips for working with your spirit guides and helpers!


Meet Your Spirit Guide and Power Animal Class

Have you met your Spirit Guide yet? It is one of my great joys in life to help connect people to their spiritual support team – your guides and allies. This month, I’m offering a class to help you meet your Spirit Guide and your current Power Animal and learn how to work with them. They want to help you in your life, but it’s easier when you can talk and work together! Get more information about the Meet Your Spirit Guide Class here.

“Now I know [my spirit guide’s] plans for guiding me in the future not only on my spiritual quest but everyday life.” – Carolyn Perry

“Now I feel more connected and grounded and I’m connecting with my Spirit Guide every morning. Cara, you are an angel doing God’s work.”– Dave Ulloa

“I highly recommend this class! Cause it was just plain ole’ down to earth fun.” -Lori Smith

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you met your Spirit Guide yet? Who is on your Team? I’d love to hear all about ’em! Please leave a note in the comments below and share!

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